Monday, November 25, 2019

buy custom Dubai essay

buy custom Dubai essay Over a short time, Dubai has grown from a small town center to a sophisticated city center. Although this is a city that is situated at that the heart of the Muslim world, it has a very thriving nightlife that does not seem to hamper consumers preferences in no significant way. As Rice (2002) observes, Dubai residents do not seem to care what expatriate workers are doing with their nightlife, meaning it does not affect demand of the things that consumers buy in any significant manner. Expatriate workers have a great influence on the bustle of nightlife here since there are very many of them; they comprise about 67% of the entire population. Dubai has many features that are attractive, meaning that a cosmopolitan nature of its nightlife does not seem like a big deal to for consumers. After all, the city is strategically located in terms of proximity to attractive European tourism and economic destination targets. The traditional middle-eastern culture seems like that is what Dubai is all about. With or without influences of the citys budding nightlife, the future prospects for consumers are high. As long as the right marketing styles are put in place, consumers are going to have a great time experience this citys uniquely romantic nightlife. p style="text-align: justify;">Horner (2004) says that Dubai has also gained a positive reputation for the short period that this increasingly developed city is creating investment opportunities and turning real estate investors into multi-billion dollar entrepreneurs. Local in-bound tour operators have said that the nightlife, if anything, makes the city fascinating, such that consumers feel obliged to learn more about what the city has to offer in terms of cultural trends. Dubai has many consumers during the day as well as at night. Many tourists are always booking spaces in new five-star hotels even when owners of these hotels are barely through with the task of popularizing them on the ground and online. Whatever negative perceptions that Dubai may be creating through a liberal approach to nightlife are being compensated for through the city managers efforts to come up with new attractions that feed the curiosity of every visitor who finds time to stop by and take a look of this properly branded city by night. According to Vora (2008), if the nightlife was being experienced prior to 1967, consumers of the citys products would surely think twice about being this liberal, something that would have been considered very non-Islam. Today, the consumer-world, for both muslins and non-muuslins, is very different. Some of the recently completed projects include Dusit Dubai Hotel the Taj Palace Hotel, and the Hilton Dubai Creek, each of which has a capacity of more than 100 rooms. Nightlife in Dubai is fast changing into a form of a trademark symbol that the only thing that one can expect of a modern city with Muslim values. However, it is not possible to rule out instances whereby conservative buyers keep off the streets that boom with western music and where booze flows freely all night long. The number of conservative consumers is expected to remain low well into the foreseeable future considering that the majority of the population in this country is made up of expatriate workers and investors who have been attracted by U.A.E. attractive leasehold property ownership policies. In conclusion, Dubai remains a relatively safe haven in a Muslim region that is always shaken by terrorist threats. Modern consumer shopping tourism trends are rapidly thriving here and the citys rapidly growing nightlife is being seen by some people as contributing rather than inhibiting consumerism trends among Dubai residents. For this reason, Dubais competitiveness as a commercial hub of the Middle East does not seem to be threatened by a simple matter of a rapidly evolving nightlife. Buy custom Dubai essay

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