Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Depression of 1930 essays

Depression of 1930 essays During the 1930s, the Canadian nation suffered through the Great Depression. The Depression resulted from the culmination of several components, primarily the collapse of the American stock market. As a result of Canadas close alliance to the American economic system, and the dependence on the exportation of raw materials, the Depression was virtually unavoidable. Consequently, the dwindling Canadian economy was significantly impacted. The Depression affected every aspect of daily life, causing the public to remain in a desolate and desperate state, despite the numerous tactics applied by the leaders of the Canadian government. In order to gather knowledge and information on the topic of the Depression, the sources utilized included books. The variety of books provided a generalized overview of historical background data. In contrast, detailed and concise facts were presented within the books that focused specifically on the Canadian experience during the Depression and the period of the 1930s. These sources provided the important information pertinent to develop and argue the thesis of this essay. The Depression in Canada was caused by a number of serious weaknesses that occurred within the economy. Following World War I, there was an emergence of a fragile international economic structure. Great Britain was incapable of serving as world creditor due to increasing debts created from several years of fighting. Unfortunately, all other leading nations, including the United States, were reluctant and unprepared to fulfill this role previously occupied by Britain. In an attempt to recover from the effects of World War I, Britain heavily depended upon Canadian exports. Similarly, the American market also desired Canadian products, thus developing a large demand for Canadas staples. Throughout the 1920s, Canada reached a high level of production in farm produce, forest products and manufactured goods....

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