Monday, September 23, 2019

Problems Faced By Project Managers When Attempting To Weld the Essay - 1

Problems Faced By Project Managers When Attempting To Weld the Temporary Taskforce - Essay Example This essay explores the temporary taskforce as a group â€Å"composed of members from different departments that can create a new way of working from which the members can learn and bring the new methods back to their obligations†. This is considered a parallel learning methodology that is proactive to identify proper workflow charting and assess the entire project using team member expertise to formulate a total, working plan of action for the launch of the project team. The first issue involved in setting up a project team is identified roles and obligations and how to establish a hierarchy of command and control. Stys suggests that it is necessary to include the construction manager to the team during early planning efforts due to their specialized knowledge and experience in construction projects. The construction manager in most instances is accustomed to the supply, cost and labor concerns that arise in construction projects and can bring economic and hierarchical struct uring experience to help develop an appropriate workflow chart to ensure proper communication channels are established and assist the project manager in cost recognition and accounting activities. â€Å"Every construction project is unique with its own problems†. The temporary taskforce, depending on the individuals chosen to represent each workgroup or function, has individual knowledge about their area of interest as it relates to the construction project and can, therefore, brainstorm ideas or offer suggestions based on previous experience, successes, and failures when working on diverse construction projects. The project manager, himself, is not equipped to consider all of the different problems that might be incurred in real-time during a complex construction phase and thus bringing this form of knowledge to the preliminary planning stages ensures a proper development of structure, role identification, and communications channel.

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