Sunday, September 8, 2019

The effectiveness of a nursing protocol for the treatment of pressure Essay

The effectiveness of a nursing protocol for the treatment of pressure ulcers - Essay Example These perceived problems of pressure ulcers are quite common even in the UK hence, necessitating the need for an effective nursing protocol. Subsequently, the nursing protocol adopted in the UK hospitals needs improvement due to the fact that most nurses have developed behaviours and attitudes that are not conducive towards the prevention of pressure ulcer; thus, failing to attain the best conceivable outcomes to the patients. In order as to accomplish the above objectives, the study employed the use of survey interviews in which short questions were asked to the category of shareholders with the intent of collecting relevant data on the user adaptability and functionality of the nursing protocols that are being used by the hospital administration. Subsequently, this method of interviews was chosen due to the fact that it easily allowed for the conversion of projects requirements from the first-hand information obtained from the primary source. Interviews are also good when used to collect data owing to the fact that they allow for the probing of further information form the respondents. As such, the likelihood was for interviews in this case to have been monitored and doctored through extensive probing so as to enable the researcher obtain a true or near truthful reflection of the effectiveness of nursing protocols in the treatment of pressure ulcers patients. However, the interviews were also structured depending on the interviewee, and the nature of data that was being sought for from them in relation to the effectiveness of the nursing protocols. The outcomes of this study disclose that hospital managements are usually uninformed 100% on the functionality requirements that are usually needed to enhance the effectiveness of nursing protocols. For instance, the hospital supervisors in the facility attended were not well informed on what needed to be completed so as to augment the effectiveness of

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