Monday, October 7, 2019

Appeal letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Appeal letter - Essay Example During that time, I had a second course, which I was to attend, running concurrently with this one, and this presented me with a conflict of interest. I consulted as to whether to attend the first course or leave it and attend the second course. My instructor advised me to stay with the first course; also, he mentioned that it was not necessary for me to complete the whole book. However, afterwards, when I turned in my first paper after reading the book halfway, I got a D. I just had only one night to rewrite the work. My instructor sent the comment of my first paper to an email that I rarely used, it was not the IU mail. I had to rewrite the first paper, as well as, complete the new second paper in a very short time and in a tense mood. My stress levels were elevated since I had other assignments, and he had set a tight deadline for me to revise the paper. I worked the whole night in order to finish the assignments; the stress that I experienced must have made me to include direct quotes from the book or I thought that I could cite later. This is also, why I was so sure that I had provided the correct citations, at the end of the paper. My instructor put a lot of effort in looking for mistakes in my first and second paper, and he did not get anything to prove. If he was not discriminating me as a Chinese student, why was he spending a lot of time looking for mistakes instead of grading? I can say it is because, he did not believe Chinese students could write well. Without having any other material to prove that I plagiarized in my first paper and second paper, he said to me that he already changed the grade to F. In addition, my second paper was D+ at first. For that reason, I thought it would be meaningless to complete my third paper since this course only graded three papers and there was no exam. I had never missed any classes

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