Friday, October 18, 2019

Helping Skills in Mental Health Facilitation Case Study

Helping Skills in Mental Health Facilitation - Case Study Example termine her mental state of health as well as help her find a community mental health facilitator in charge of a social support group of people undergoing the same situation as her. The mental health facilitator assists in people sharing their experiences and helping them cope with the problem and their situations better be they social or psychological (Hinkle, 2014). After achieving a bit of control of her life and managing to reduce her depression, the next step is for her to bring in her son with her to the community group and they undergo the support as a family. They will be helped to know how to communicate better with each other, learn out about their needs and want and how to coexist with each other without having to fight all the time. Susan will be taught to not only be a parent but be a friend to her son as well and how they can trust each other since they only have each other. The mental health facilitator is the one to assist them fulfill the plan. Hinkle, S. (January, 2014). â€Å"Population-Based Mental Health Facilitation (MHF): A Grassroots Strategy That Works.† The Professional Counselor Journal. Retrieved from:

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