Thursday, October 17, 2019

Career Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Career Management - Essay Example Being an international student, I have been exposed to diverse and dynamic experiences that have subsequently changed the way I perceive my life and the world in general. I have countered my home country life context to embrace the larger world. In the process, I have learnt to define the study of hotel management from a global perspective. Defining myself as an open-minded person has allowed me to dream big in the hotel management context. Although I am still in the process of building my career in hotel management, I believe my future is bright and prospective. My goal is to build a strong career portfolio as a general manager in a U.S hotel. My open-mindedness will essentially influence the pursuit towards the realization of this goal. In terms of global diversity, cultural, social, economic, and political differences observed across the world cannot be ignored. These differences are vital sources of opportunities which I can move swiftly to exploit as I build and manage my career. For this reason, my life continues to become more and more oriented towards personal and global differences that ultimately make the world a unique place for all of us. Most importantly, the plan is to combine the two aspects (open-mindedness and global diversity) to create a strategy mix that enhances my personal and professional competitiveness. It is important to note that the path to a successful career is rough and one characterized by many challenges. The ability to think critically and creatively is, therefore, fundamental. In this respect, the plan is to try and identify opportunities from a basket of challenges. In other words, the objective is to rise above academic, career, and professional challenges to become a globally competitive individual. Success is not achieved or realized overnight. Rather, it is the outcome of a progressive process that

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