Tuesday, October 1, 2019

B2B and International Exercise

In the conduct of this study, the question that must always be put in our mind is if there is a possibility for the city of Scottsdale and Marrakesh to have a business transaction to improve their economy as a whole. After reading all the necessary materials regarding the economic condition of the two cities, I have learned that Marrakesh has a 55. 5 % rate of share of services in the totality of the city’s GDP. Moreover, Morocco is also known for its industry in mining, food processing, leather goods, textiles and tourism. In terms of their educational attainment level, only 52% of the total population is literate.Its export commodities are mostly clothing, fish, crude minerals, fertilizer, transistors and inorganic chemicals. On the other hand, one of the â€Å"booming† industries in Scottsdale is the business and professional industry that enables them to have an impressive economic growth for the past years. They are also known for their best resorts destinations an d high technologies and bio-technology. Feasibility Study Based from the above facts that I gathered, I could say that there is a great possibility of having business with Marrakesh.In the industry of tourism, since Marrakesh is known for their tourism, Scottsdale could develop resorts in Marrakesh. The high rate of tourists that goes to Marrakesh would serve as an opportunity for the Scottsdale to put up resorts. If this would go to happen, tourists in Marrakesh will continue to increase. At the same time, while benefiting the Scottsdale, the resort that will be established would surely cut the unemployment rate of Marrakesh since jobs will be provided to their citizens and, in the later years, could uplift the poverty rate of Marrakesh (Shagazatova).On the other hand, since there is a high illiteracy rate in Marrakesh, and there are a lot of professionals in Scottsdale like teachers, Scottsdale could invest in establishing schools in the Marrakesh in order to uplift their rate of literacy. The schools that I am referring here are only vocational schools, will also provide basic knowledge regarding literacy, that might be a good help in the booming industry of Marrakesh (Ranis). With this, Scottsdale could also get workers from the schools that they had established. With the median age of 24 years, there would be no doubt that Marrakesh industry is concentrated on the service sector.Most of the companies here must be labor intensive in order to take advantage of the large pool of laborers in the market. Wage rate is expected to be low compared to other countries (Phelps). This is also one of the reasons why it is advantageous to put up a business in Marrakesh aside from its economic opportunities in the current days. Since Scottsdale is well known for its business services, it would be a good decision to establish a service oriented company in Marrakesh. It could be in line with the transistor’s industry or textile industry that can be provided by Scot tsdale to the workers of Marrakesh.Data Gathering and Recommendations Through the suggested strategies above would definitely benefit both of the cities. Marrakesh could take advantage of the job opportunity that Scottsdale’s investors bring with them and the latter could take advantage of the tremendous amount of laborers in Marrakesh as well as the low operational costs in terms of the wage rate. After presenting this paper to the Scottsdale’s officials, data gathering in Marrakesh economic standing should be implemented right away in order to validate the theories that we have cited in this paper.The data’s were then studied by the economic analysts of Scottsdale in order to have an in depth understanding of the current status of Marrakesh and in order for us to be guided in the actions that we are going to undertake. REFERENCES Phelps, Edmund S. â€Å"Low-Wage Employment Subsidies Versus the Welfare State. † 2007. Ranis, Gustav. â€Å"Human Developme nt and Economic Growth. † 2004. Shagazatova, Batir Mirbabayev and Malika. â€Å"The Economic and Social Impact of Tourism. † 2005.

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