Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Racism - Essay Example studies and compares two stories in which the authors depict racism in the content of the writing by discussing the connections in terms of context, utilization of literacy devices and the personal experiences displayed in the stories. The two stories compared in are Life in Oklahoma City by Ralph Ellison and On Social Equality by Gunnar Myrdal. Both of these stories are written in a first person point of view. Mr. Ellison in his stories provides a narrative of his personal experiences as he was growing up in Oklahoma City. He described the setting of how things were back then and provided many examples of racism against various races including afro-Americans, Germans, poor white persons and Indians (Ellison, 1964). In the author’s descriptions the author himself displayed a racism mentality since his description of some events seemed biased and a bit racist. The author utilized a lot different literary devices in his story such as symbolism, imaginary, characterization, metaphors, simile and personification. The On Social Equality story is different than the story written by Mr. Ellison. This story is more critical and analytical about the racism issue. The story describes a lot the views different groups of people have on the subject and provides multiple examples on how racism manifests itself. For example the author mentioned a perspective from the Southern that during segregation afro-Americans actually liked it because they did not have to deal with people from the Caucasian race and they rather share time with their own people (Myrdal). The author used a couple of different literary devices such as similes but he did not use a large variety of literary devices such as Mr. Ellison utilized in Life in Oklahoma. The ending of this story was a conclusion that gave a final perspective and analyzed the topic of racism. The final stage of Life in Oklahoma was as a self-reflection of Mr. Ellison’s life and his opinion on the racism subject. Ralph Ellison

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